Chances are that you've come across this page from some form of photography that I've done. Therefore you'll either be wanting to contact me or view more of my work.


I am busy putting a website together at the moment regarding my photography, but in the meantime you can view some of it here

Alan Peacock Photography


However, it may be that you've come by me a completely different route! What ever route you've taken to find me, please get in contact. I'd love to hear from you!



You can contact me directly via Facebook (you'll need to be signed into facebook for this link to work)

or alanwpeacock at gmail.com (exchange the 'at' for @ and remove the spaces).


Looe Music Festival

I recently attended the amazing three day Looe Music Festival and was honoured to be one of the photography team. Most of the images taken at the event can be viewed via the official facebook page and mine will be available shortly - Watch this space!